Vitec is known for consistently delivering an unrivalled quality of service, for a fee that represents excellent value-for-money. We enjoy strong, trusting and lasting relationships with satisfied clients who come back to us time and again.


  • We design systems that can overcome complex problems imposed by existing infrastructure or architecture
  • We design and manage projects around normal operations, minimising disruption to the delivery of services
  • We employ teams of experts, with invaluable experience to offer in many specialist fields
  • Our teams comprise professionals with contractor and consultancy backgrounds, offering our clients both academic innovation and practical constructability expertise
  • Delivering value is a key focus of every project; our in-house quantity surveyor takes responsibility for projects’ cost control
  • We approach every project with the same degree of professionalism and care, to ensure that our clients get a result with which they are completely satisfied
  • We are team players and welcome collaborative working with other members of the project team
  • Ultimately, we do what we say: we will consistently deliver projects on time and on budget