We are meticulous in our approach to pre-project planning. Our attention to detail at this stage means we are able to identify potential problems and have alternative plans in place for any eventuality. Vitec prides itself on an ability to reduce project disruption, while at the same time driving value, reducing risk and looking for sustainable benefits.

To ensure each project meets the Building Regulations and considerations for carbon reduction and whole life costing, Vitec uses its experience in the design and application of low and zero carbon (LZC) technologies.

Our capabilities include:

Feasibility studies

We consider every objective of your project including risks, constraints and cost implications to ensure you are adequately prepared for the next step.

Energy & water assessments

We consider all aspects of energy and water usage, identifying requirements and suitable proposals for reduction.

Space planning

We are able to identify building systems requirements, calculating the physical dimensions and weight of equipment to assist in preliminary layout and structural design.

Service routes

The identification of building systems requirements allows us to advise upon primary service routes to assist in early building layout and structural design.

Ventilation strategies

We consider all aspects of ventilation strategies, including: building location; environmental legislation; noise reduction requirements based upon acoustician reports; and the proposal of suitable ventilation systems.

Existing plant condition surveys and reports

We review all existing building systems, evaluate condition, life expectancy, maintenance requirements and renewal strategies.

Cost plan and budget estimates

We identify all operation requirements of your project and produce cost plans and budget estimates for your building services.

Asset surveys and data capture

Surveying existing building service assets is just one of many building services we provide alongside the production of asset schedules, life expectancy details and equipment analysis.

Life cycle analysis

We manage and review your product life cycle cost, providing detailed analysis reports including total renewal cost.

Project management and assistance

Assisting in the process of tendering, the selection of sub-contractors, cost management, quality and performance of installation and pre-occupation completion of projects.

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