We offer additional support services for our clients, enhancing the service we offer by becoming an extension of their own project teams. We have supported our clients through project management out-sourcing as well as commercial management and site inspections.

Expert witness

Here at Vitec our engineers’ mixed past experience of consultancy and contracting is seen a real asset, one which lends itself to litigation and dispute resolution. We are able to view issues from ‘both sides of the fence’ and look to work proactively with our clients at all times.

All appointments are carried out in accordance with the codes and recommendations of the British Academy of Experts and the Law Society. Vitec feels that litigation is not always necessary and our past case history proves that our approach frequently delivers the desired outcome.


Our management service concentrates on three prime issues: time, cost and quality. Our dedicated teams ensure that all of these issues are at the forefront of all decision making, ensuring your best interests are served at all times.

This approach, along with our proven track record, ensures that our customers return time and time again; they know we resource, forecast and manage each project/budget as if it were our own.

Asset management

Vitec ensures efficient operation, compliance with legislation and on–going safety, as we provide a wide range of inspection services.

As Vitec is independent from any equipment or installation providers, we are able to provide an unbiased, factual report which details remedial action and approximate costs.

Our capabilities include:

Tender stage reviews

We support our customers through the tender process, evaluating tender returns and assisting in sub-contractor selection. We ensure their suitability, experience, qualifications, and that they fully understand their requirements – including total compliancy with project specifications.

Support statutory service applications

Engaging with supply authorities (DNO – District Network Operations) to obtain suitable information for routes of incoming services and infrastructure cost quotes.

Project coordination

We simultaneously review all areas of design including mechanical & electrical in conjunction with architectural and structural, ensuring complete coordination is achieved.

Construction stage supervision

We offer support and assistance in the management of sub-contractors, program, progress, conformance and quality.

Cost management

Assisting the contractor, we are able to strategically review and recommend valuations, applications for variations and overall project costs.

Project completion

Upon completion of a project we inspect the quality and compliance of installation; identifying defects, reviewing operation and maintenance procedures, record technical drawings and certificates to ensure your project meets the correct standards before it is handed to you.

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